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Mental and Behavioral Health Crisis Needs are our Specialty!

Our Crisis Solutions

    Mental Health Services offers comprehensive mental and behavioral health treatment services through its Mental Health Response Team.

    The “Response Team” will provide a qualified mental health professional that will perform expected services as follows:


  • Provide on-site mental health evaluations for any patient requested

  • Recommend treatment solutions for high risk patients

  • Initiate and expedite transfers of patients to psychiatric hospitals

  • Provide appropriate resources for outpatient mental and behavioral health treatment

  • Coordinate with the courts when filing emergency detention mental health warrants


Value Added Services 

  • Provide a dedicated crisis management team

  • Consult with ED physicians to avoid unnecessary referrals

  • Consider multiple hospitals as transfer options

  • Remain in the ED for the duration of patient transfers in most cases

  • Provide continuous monitoring of patient transfers

  • Collaborate with other care providers to help reduce hospital readmissions

  • Emphasize and identify exceptional outpatient follow-up resources

  • Decrease ED boarding times and prolonged LOS

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